Echo by Lotta Jansdotter

November 02, 2011 Julie

Echo by Lotta Jansdotter

I hope my UPS delivery man, John, feels appreciated because nearly every time he makes a delivery, I greet him with a big smile and little squeal of excitement because I know what’s in the boxes he delivers. How could that not brighten his day? If only he could see what was in those boxes. . . He’d be riding around thinking, I’ve got some super fun and pretty fabric in the back of my truck and that’s pretty awesome! Umm, yeah, probably not. But, it’s possible. (:

Anyway, Lotta Jansdotter‘s new Echo fabric line was John’s latest delivery. Echo is true Scandinavian chic, as it is beautiful and clean but still practical and whimsical. It’s a style that embodies simple beauty and practicality. In short, I love this fabric. And, it kind of makes me to simplify my living by tearing through my house to get rid of all the clutter, make everything in this book, and create all new duvet covers out of Echo (because we’ve reached that chilly time of year when I sleep with at least two duvets). Oh, and maybe change my name to something ending in “dotter.”

You can get Echo in the Home Made shop, available in quarter yard cuts and fat quarter bundles. Don’t count on John delivering it to you; but, I will still greet you with a big smile when you get here.


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