Door Knob +Table Leg Coat Rack

November 04, 2011 Julie

For months, I had been searching for some interesting hooks to create a coat hanger for my kitchen. I thought I had settled on these. I mean, I liked them, but I just wasn’t in love with them. I know I’m kinda picky, but you know how that goes. . .

Finally, I had a brainstorm that involved running into my basement and rummaging through the box of old hardware that was left in the Home Made house. Cool, old doorknobs – check. Then, I looked at my stash of yard sale finds and pieces of extra furniture from past projects (because everyone uses their basement to store stuff like that, right?). Lonely table leg – check!

You see, when I moved back to NJ, my aunt donated some of her old furniture to my cause including this old kitchen table. Unfortunately, it’s mechanism to expand the table with another leaf no longer worked–hence, the lonely, extra table leg.

I got my dad involved because I’m good “idea” person when it comes to this stuff but he’s really the one who figures out the structural elements and assembles. His first step involved cutting a bit of the back off so the table leg would hang easier and flatter on the wall.

Then, he took the square screw thingy (official term) that was part of the original doorknob and cut that in half. One half was inserted into the front of the table leg after drilling a square hole. This allowed him  to attach the doorknobs by either screwing them on or carefully banging/pushing/hammering them on (obviously this not ideal with the glass knobs).

Now I have someplace to hang my stuff so my kitchen/daytime office looks a little less like a tornado rolled through. And, I found everything I needed in my basement and down the street (because that’s where my dad lives and I couldn’t have done this without him). (:

What surprises do you have in your basement???



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