Envelope Pillow Class

November 11, 2011 Julie

You might think that if you own a craft shop, you get to make pretty things all day. Now, I do quite a bit of that; but, it doesn’t take long for my time to be eaten up by other, more administrative/business-y things. So, I’m always excited about a project that I can whip up quickly that gives big results. Like, my Heirloom Hand Towel. Or, an envelope pillow!

Who doesn’t have throw pillows lying around their house that you either a) wonder what you were thinking when you bought them or b) are exactly the same as your couch and lack the pizzazz that you know they’re capable of (insert jazz hands because I just said “pizzazz”)?!

Enter the simple envelope pillow. Once you learn to make one, you can probably recover every pillow you own in under an hour. Word. And, I’ve got so many new, fun fabrics in the shop that can really speak for themselves, there’s no need to get all fussy with the stitching. Keep it quick and simple. It’s almost December for crying out loud and we’ve all got limited time and lots of handmade gifts to finish up!

I used the “Florine” print from Lotta Jansdotter’s new Echo fabric line for mine but any print from Dear Stella would also be a gorgeous accent for your couch. Relax, I haven’t been peering in your windows to look at your couch. In fact, I have no idea what your couch looks like but I’m sure we can find fabric that looks good. (:

So, come on into the Home Made studio to make yours! I’ve scheduled two classes (12/4 + 12/15) so click here for all the details about the Envelope Pillow Class and call 609.536.2940 or stop in to register.


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