Slow It Down + Make Peace (Wreaths)

December 14, 2011 Julie

Can you believe that Home Made is almost one year old!?! January 29th is Home Made’s fast approaching 1st birthday!

Amidst the holiday hustle and bustle, I’ve tried to remind myself to slow it down, soak it in, and take stock of how amazing this year has been. Don’t get me wrong–it has certainly been a struggle to remember to breathe with a busy shop and studio schedule (and with the massive stuffiness that has enveloped my sinuses from this darn lingering cold).

Thankfully, I had a brunch date on my day off around my old stompin’ grounds. Because. . . there’s nothing like a 2 1/2 hour meal at the fabulous Morning Glory Diner with a good friend (and a bit too many coffee refills and carbs) to help you slow it down, soak it in, and take stock of how amazing this year has been. It helps when your friend has seen you through the year’s ups and downs, offering insight and advice and support along the way.

Now, I can’t share those delicious sweet potato pancakes from brunch (and, frankly, I think we could all agree that pancakes are best served hot and when they are not several days old). But, I can direct you to my very first tutorial that I posted here on the blog — the Peace Wreath. I had posted this project two months before I opened up Home Made. Back then, my brunch date encouraged me to create a tutorial after presenting her with one, suggesting that it become my launch into the land of craft tutorials. You can probably tell I’ve learned a bit about Photoshop (and hopefully blogging in general) since then!

The Peace Wreath class in the Home Made studio has been pret-ty popular. Maybe it’s because sometimes you just need to craft it out with scissors and hot glue (albeit, we could all do without those burns on our fingertips). Because, in addition to brunches with good friends, scissors and hot glue crafts (and a lot of other crafts for that matter) help you slow it down. So, soak in the holidays and don’t forget to take stock of how amazing your 2011 has been.

You can find the Peace Wreath tutorial and channel your inner hippie by clicking here. (:



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