Avocado Toast with Shayna

December 21, 2011 Julie

A few weeks ago, I made a little jaunt to NYC to visit some friends. Since I was in the city less than 24 hours, I really had to pack in the fun which included catching an improv show at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre (the 9:30 PM show on Sunday is FREE!, as long as you don’t mind standing in line for awhile to get a ticket) and checking out Mood Fabrics and M&J Trimming.

But, all the fun activities aside, one of the best parts of this visit was catching up with my college roommate, Shayna. We kicked off our busy day with a leisurely breakfast at her neighborhood coffee shop, Cafe Gitane at the Jane Hotel. I decided to trust her tastebuds so we both ordered her “usual”–toasted whole grain bread with avocado, lemon juice, and red pepper flakes. Omgoodness, that was gooooood.

So simple, nutritious, and tasty that I had to try and recreate. Try is the operative word, here.

I have no doubt that I’m missing something or that my proportions are off. And, I definitely don’t have their homemade bread toasted to perfection to serve it on (nor, did I enjoy mine in a bohemian cafe where I could chat with an old friend, people watch, drink yummy coffee with old-fashioned sugar cubes, and rest one of their sweet pink gingham napkins on my lap).

All that said, I will definitely add this to my breakfast/lunch rotation. And, of course hit up Cafe Gitane on my next visit to see Shayna. (:


1 avocado
1 nice thick slice of homemade whole grain bread
1/2 lemon
red pepper flakes
olive oil

Toast your bread (warm it but don’t let it get too crispy like I did). In a small bowl, mash up your avocado. Add a squeeze of lemon, dash of olive oil, and a sprinkle of both salt and pepper. Stir until smooth. Spread avocado mixture onto toast. Top with a drizzle of olive oil and a sprink of red pepper flakes. That’s all, folks!

Oh, and I don’t remember if or what music Cafe Gitane was playing, but here’s what I’m listening to as I relish every last bite of mine.


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