Dinner for Two Napkins

January 06, 2012 Julie

One of my goals for the New Year, but also for life in general, is to create less waste. Now, I’m not going to play like I don’t use paper towels (maybe a little too much?) but I’m working on continually taking baby steps toward more eco-conscious living–whether that be using re-purposed materials for a creative project or ditching those plastic water bottles for one of these (because tap water, especially Swainton well water, is delicious and FREE!).

Sidenote about our tap water:  One of the best documentaries I saw in 2011 was called Gasland. The fabulous Cape May County Libary system has it. You can reserve it online with your card and they email you when it’s available for pick-up! Oh, and you can learn about how our area is facing potential fracking in the Delaware River Basin here. :( C’mon, don’t be shy about getting your geek on.

I made a bunch of these double-sided cloth napkins for Christmas gifts this year and am about to make some for myself. Beautiful handmade napkins are a terrific way to make mealtime more special and avoid using all those paper napkins. During our *NEW* Dinner for Two Napkins class in the Home Made studio, you’ll make a set of two. But, once you learn the pattern you can easily make more at home or utilize our open studio service. Heck, you could even take the class a second time to make yours a set of 4 – you know I won’t argue with that!

So, take a look at our classes page here. Check out the details. And, then stop in or give me a call at 609.536.2940 to register for this class. I promise not to overwhelm you with talk about the evils of hydraulic fracturing. That is, unless it turns out that you really want to. . .


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