Socks–To Knit or Not to Knit?

January 12, 2012 Julie

If you’re a knitter, one of the biggest, most critical questions you might ever ask yourself is:

Do I want to knit socks???

Okay, so it’s not that big or serious a deal. But, I’ve found that it’s surprisingly one of the most polarizing questions you can ask someone who knits. I’m fascinated by some of the reasons why some declare that socks (or any project for that matter) aren’t for them. I might’ve said I wasn’t into knitting socks at one time. . .

Either you’ve sworn you will never ever subject yourself to teensy yarn and double-pointed knitting needles or you prefer to knit something you can more easily show off  (without taking off your shoes and lifting up your pant leg) like a scarf or a hat. Maybe you’ve decided that because of a traumatizing prior experience trying socks you’re just not going to go there.

I want you to enjoy knitting and its benefits. So, if you just want to zone out with your knitting to de-stress or be able to socialize when you knit, stick to flat rectangular-shaped projects and the garter stitch. If that’s what you want and need, do it! Or, if you’re still learning the basics and you know you’re not quite ready for some of those more challenging projects, stay on your own course. You’ll get to socks soon enough! 

But, this polarizing question has made me wonder how our approach to knitting or other craft projects would be different if we applied some of the principles of yoga to our creative projects? Like. . .

  • Meet yourself where you are. In the moment. Every day evokes different feelings and circumstances so if you’re not feeling the pose project, then make your way into child’s pose to another, maybe less challenging project. Know when to push yourself and when to back off so you don’t injure yourself get super frustrated and do something rash like rip out your entire project.
  • Try not to limit yourself. If you say, “I’ll never do a headstand or wheel pose make socks,” you are setting yourself up to stagnate. How can you evolve, reaching maximum benefit and enjoyment, if you set these kinds of limits on yourself?
  • Embrace the process. Each pose project builds upon the previous one. You might want to cuss out your yoga knitting instructor when she guides you into pigeon pose (ie. a pose that makes your hips scream) using double-pointed needles or reading pattern charts. But, every attempt gets you closer and closer to the full expression of the pose mastering a skill or project. So do your best and don’t be a hater.
  • Maintain a strong foundation. Even if you already know how to do downward dog pose knit and purl, keep working on reaching those hips up and heels down creating even tension with your stitches. Even the most basic poses projects have something to offer you.
  • Breathe. And, keep those shoulders down! Enough said.

So, from now on we will be starting classes in the Home Made studio with chanting three rounds of “Om.” I’m kidding! Relax. But, I think there’s some really worthwhile benefits to taking the principles of yoga off your mat and into your crafting. Even if you think it’s a little cheesy or need a little nudging. Who doesn’t like cheese?! 

You might not be ready for socks. Home Made offers other classes like the Striped Fingerless Mittens to learn stripes or the Slope Hat to learn cables. But, if you are ready for socks you should check out our Baby Socks Class. Even if you don’t want the end result of baby-sized socks, this workshop will teach you all the you need to know about knitting any-sized sock (starting on double-pointed needles, turning the heel with short rows, picking up stitches, making the sock gusset, and closing the toe with kitchener stitch) so you can apply those skills to a future project. And, if you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about that’s okay because you will learn in class!

For the scoop on all our classes, click here. Peace Namaste. ;)

Disclaimer: I’m not a yoga instructor. I’m just sharing what I’ve learned from practicing yoga for a few years because I think it’s cool and offers a lot of insight about yourself and about life in general. If you want to learn more about yoga from professionals, click here. Or go to a yoga class!


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