Worth the Circus

January 27, 2012 Julie


Amidst silly claims that I make my pupils knit with dental floss, our conversation during last night’s knitting class evolved into some discussion about how our lives feel a little like a three-ring circus lately. In this group that has progressed through a few knitting classes together, we’ve got some comediennes that help keep it fun despite the intense focus on not dropping a stitch. (:

Thinking back over the last year, there were many many times I would say to myself, “Julie, what the heck are you doing?!” Actually, I still say that to myself more regularly than I’d like. And, I usually use more profane words than “heck.” But, when things get a little hairy and you feel like the clowns and lions are about to come out, I try to remember that it means I’ve got something really worthwhile going on. Because, don’t the things that are worth doing often require a little more effort (er, make us feel a little crazy sometimes)? I think I’m channeling my mother right now. . .

Whether you agree or not, this is what I’m telling myself today. It’s rainy. And, I might’ve been a lit-tle cranky because I started my day by dropping an entire mug of coffee on the shop floor this morning. The kind of drop where it’s in slow motion and you are saying “Noooo000000ooo!!!!!!!” as you watch it hit the floor and splatter sugary, creamy, brown liquid everywhere–including the glasses you are wearing. On your face, as you’re standing up. Thankfully, no merchandise was harmed in this incident. Phew!

I’m also reminiscing about the things that were totally worth the sometimes-circus this year as part of my pep talk for myself today. Like remember . . how we started a community garden (despite my never having gardened in my life). . . and, we learned about organic composting with worms and made our own worm bins (how are your worms doing, by the way?). . . and how we started painting the Home Made house (we’re almost finished the first coat — yes, only the first coat). All good stuff.

Hope your Friday is lookin’ up! And, don’t forget about Home Made’s 1st birthday on Sunday and our SALE!!!!!!!!!



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