Celebrating Home Made’s 1st Birthday

February 01, 2012 Julie


Yay, we did it! Sunday was Home Made’s 1st birthday and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate a successful first year than with cupcakes, a sale, and YOU!

From left to right: Jaime, Candy, Caryn, Brandee, Sarah and Ryder, Me, Sue, Jeanette, and Carol

The best part of this past year has been meeting so many fabulous, crafty people like yourself since I opened up shop last January. I am so proud that I could be a part of your learning a new craft or your renewed inspiration to dust off that sewing machine or start knitting again.

From left to right:  Me, Mama Dukes (aka Cindy or Non-paid Employee of Every Month), Angel, Kate, Julia and Callie, and Mike

It was so great to see many of you here together on Sunday for the festivities. And, it was great how many of you humored me by agreeing to a group photo. Look how cute ya’ll are!

Ashley showed up early for icing detail. Not pictured are the super clean floors and my Dad, who arrived early for vacuum detail. (:

Many thanks for your commitment to shopping locally, your appreciation of fine (and a little funky) craft supplies and yellow-striped ceilings, and your continued support of this no-longer “new” placed called Home Made.

In summary, you rock!





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