Setting the Craft Table

February 10, 2012 Julie

Aside from hosting an occasional potluck dinner, I rarely have a reason to set the dinner table. These days, my table settings have patterns in place of plates, felt in lieu of napkins, scissors where a spoon would go, and some good old fabric glue instead of a drinking glass. Yummmm.

While food isn’t the main focus of this table (unless we’re talking about a knit cupcake!), my process for playing hostess for Home Made’s classes feels very similar to when I’m preparing for a dinner party. Setting the craft table isn’t just about putting out the project materials and tools. Oh no it isn’t! I gotta set the mood with a yummy-smelling candle, figure out which music to play that best suits the class (Feist or Nina Simone or maybe some Motown???), and ensure my guests are comfortable and enjoying themselves. You know I’ve been preparing for this job since my middle school days when I began following Martha Stewart! Don’t worry Mom, I’m still using those college and grad school degrees, too. . . xoxo

It’s the little details that can really make an experience, isn’t it?!

How do you set your craft table? What’s your favorite music or ritual to help you get in the creative zone?


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