Flea Market Fancy by Denyse Schmidt

March 14, 2012 Julie

Flea Market Fancy by Denyse Schmidt{Saturday Flea Market from left to right: Flowers + Dot in Green, Bouquet in Turquoise, Medallion in Green, Seedpod Stripe in Turquoise, Leaf + Dot in Red, Posie in Turquoise, Fizzy Dot in Red, and Eyelet in Green}

Look what new goodies we have! Yep, I welcomed Denyse Schmidt‘s “Flea Market Fancy” legacy reprint into the Home Made shop on this fine Wednesday and boy does it feel good. And, not that we’re superficial or anything, but it looks really good, too. Doesn’t it?!

Flea Market Fancy by Denyse Schmidt{Sunday Flea Market from left to right: Bouquet in Red, Fizzy Dot in Pink, Flower + Dot in Red, Medallion in Red, Posie in Grey, Seedpod Stripe in Pink, Leaf + Dot in Grey, and Eyelet in Pink}

The vintage-inspired “Flea Market Fancy” fabric is the perfect blend of “old” and “new.”  And, you know I love a good yard sale so I couldn’t help but develop a fondness for it’s name either. With it’s friendly designs and modern colors, I can imagine creating just about anything with this fabric–quilts, bags, clothing, throw pillows, younameit.

Do you fancy a Saturday or a Sunday Flea Market?

These gorgeous fabrics are available in quarter yard cuts and fat quarter bundles in the Home Made shop!


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