Charm Clutch Class

April 12, 2012 Julie

Home Made's Charm Clutch Class

You asked for it. And, so here it is!!!

There was so much excitement about my first Charm Clutch that I’ve decided to turn this project into a class for you to take the Home Made studio. Who am I to stand in your way to having the perfect clutch?!

I’ve been toting my latest Charm Clutch around for a few days now (pictured above) and can verify that you will be given multiple opportunities to field compliments. One of my prouder moments was when a salesperson in Anthropologie complimented my clutch. While he said, “Your bag is really cool,” I heard “Your bag is really cool and you could totally design a bag of your own to be sold in Anthropologie stores nationwide if you really wanted.” Of course, when you’re traipsing around town with your clutch, it’s up to you whether you proclaim, “I made it!” I recommend that you do. 

One thing about my second version of Amy Butler’s Charm Clutch is that I used magnetic snaps as a closure instead of a zipper. We will be using this same closure for our class version. While zippers ain’t no big deal, they do take a little extra time — precious time that we need to otherwise finish this bag in two 3-hour classes, people!  We’ll demystify the zipper in Home Made’s new Zipper Pouch class. Details forthcoming. Soon. I promise.(:

If you’re jazzed about taking this class–maybe you’ve already imagined a few scenarios or outfits with which to pair your clutch–you should read all the class details here. As always, registration with payment is required to reserve your spot so stop in or call the shop at 609.536.2940 to register!

This class does require some sewing experience so if you’re an absolute beginner or need a little more practice, check out our other sewing classes here that could serve as a warm-up for this class. You wouldn’t just show up for a 5K run after never having run before–or maybe taking a lap around the block twice a year–and expect to kill it, would you??? I realize that might sound crazier to me because I don’t like to run altogether but you catch my drift. 


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