Grow Your Own Fig Tree Workshop

May 11, 2012 Julie

Home Made Figs

With the purchase of the Home Made property, we inherited a beautiful fig tree that lives right by the front entrance to the shop. Since it sits right by the main Route 9 drag, it has sparked curiosity for some passersby–including Al Richer, a fruit tree enthusiast and owner of Richer Fig Trees.

After sighting my tree (and probably determining that it needed a little love and care), Al stopped by and introduced himself. Just a few days before, I had expressed a need to find someone who actually knew about fig trees so they could tell me when to pick this funny fruit. Don’t you love when stuff like that happens?!

Al’s first visit to Home Made was just the start of his care taking for Home Made’s fig tree. In addition to giving me an impromptu lesson, Al said he’d be back in the Fall to help me prune and wrap it. Sure enough, Al showed up with his buddy five months later while I was drinking my morning coffee to follow through on his word.

The Home Made fig tree has inspired lots of questions from customers, yielded a very bountiful and delicious harvest (which required me to learn how to make yummy fig jam!), and created a surprising collaboration between me and a Corrections Officer/Fruit Tree Expert. This kind of serendipitous meeting also happened with Home Made’s Garden last year and our partnership with Cape May Organics. I love when that happens, too. (:

With such a fascinating tree and a terrific resource in Richer Fig Trees, Al and I thought we’d offer you the chance to grow your very own fig tree. We’re offering a workshop to teach you two techniques for cultivating new roots using clippings from Home Made’s Brunswick Type and Al’s Binello trees. We’ll discuss types of figs, pruning and picking practices, and get you set up to leave with your own starter roots. With patient care, you’ll soon have a fig tree to call your own!

WHAT:  Grow Your Own Fig Tree: A Home Made Workshop with Richer Fig Trees

WHEN: Saturday, June 2 from 1 – 2:30 PM

WHERE:  Home Made, 1761 N. Route 9 in Swainton (next to Sand Barrens)

COST:  $20 (all materials included)

Space is limited so be sure to stop in or call 609.536.2940 to register with payment to save your spot!  You can click here for the full class description.

Let’s talk figs!


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