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May 23, 2012 Julie

SALT Magazine April 2012

When I was in high school, I could not wait to graduate and get the heck out of Cape May County. Forget living by the beach! I wanted to live in the city and expand my world beyond this little corner of New Jersey. With gym class on the Ocean City boardwalk, wading in the surf for Oceanography class, and a job serving ice cream, you can imagine how life was so rough I needed to flee. . .

At college in Washington, DC, I met students from all over the country who, to my great surprise, teased me about being from “the armpit of America.” What?! This was news to me! I accepted the teasing as part of making friends as a freshman in college. Still, I couldn’t believe that there were haters thinking so little of my beloved home state. Clearly, they didn’t know the New Jersey I knew.

My city living moved from Washington, DC to Philadelphia for graduate school. Philadelphia was closer to home and “The Jersey Shore” was much more appreciated — mostly because all those city dwellers make their way to Cape May County at some point to escape the summer heat. I didn’t have to defend “The Garden State” to ignorant college freshman anymore. But, I did start to forget why I wanted to leave so bad in the first place.

Moving out of the area was crucial to my growing up. I needed to find my way. And, in my case, that way eventually led me right back to where I started. Well, a little further south.  I still need those regular doses of the city to find my equilibrium just as much as I need to call Cape May County home. Again. But, this time Cape May County is my home by choice. For me, that was an important distinction.

Recently, a new digital magazine called SALT was launched that celebrates the New Jersey I know and am proud to call home. SALT publisher, David McCarty offers a refreshingly different and honest portrayal of Cape May County through his gorgeous photography and stories about its natural beauty and the people and businesses who live here.

I am honored that Home Made is included in SALT’s first issue because, if anyone still wants to call New Jersey “the armpit of America,” it’s gotta be the prettiest, sweetest smelling armpit I’ve ever experienced. So, check out SALT’s first issue here and take a big whiff.

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 {Photography by David McCarty, SALT Magazine}


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