SEW IT: Amy Butler’s Anna Tunic (+ some puppy love)

June 02, 2012 Julie

SEW IT: Amy Butler's Anna Tunic

The past two days have reminded of how many people I’ve got looking out for me and rooting me on. Though, I wish the events sparking this reminder didn’t involve two car tows and expensive new car parts.

In response to my woes, my mom sent me this message: “Remember we are put on this earth to help each other that makes for peaceful universe accept it when it is given because you give it right back and don’t realize it.” This was a text, so I think we can let her slide on the lack of punctuation. . . She’s pretty great, though, isn’t she?

I’m so lucky to have this community surrounding me and Home Made and it’s exactly what I wished for when moving back to South Jersey. I’m also so lucky to be doing what I do here with Home Made.  And, yes, sometimes I need to be reminded of that, too. Especially during the hard parts. I mean, I do get to make Amy Butler’s Anna Tunic and call it “work.”

Home Made's Anna Tunic by Amy Butler

So, let’s talk Anna Tunic. Let me start off by saying that this is my new favorite shirt and I can’t wait to make another. I mix it up by sometimes wearing a red leather belt instead of the matching waist tie. For my Cami (this pattern also offers options for a tunic, mini-dress, and longer dress), I chose Triangles in Desert Sky from Leah Duncan’s Maya fabric collection.

Lucy Love

I even wore it this morning for a visit with Aunt Robin and Lucy (that gorgeous hunk of love pictured above). Because your favorite new handmade shirt and some puppy love is sure to bring you back! And, a little “Mom Wisdom” never hurts either.

Amy Butler’s Anna Tunic sewing pattern and all the fabric and sewing supplies you’ll need are available for purchase in the Home Made shop.

And, some terrific service for your car is available from Kohler’s and Flanagan’s. Thanks, guys! 


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