Popover Sundress

July 13, 2012 Julie

Popover Sundress in Simpatico

You know it. The day that Simpatico fabrics arrived, I cut some fabric to begin my latest sewing project — Oliver + S’ Popover Sundress.  The Popover Sundress is one of many terrific (and free!) online patterns from Oliver + S. And, you can find it right here.

Unfortunately, free online patterns can sometimes mean less detailed and/or potentially confusing instructions because, well, it was free. An exception are those from Oliver + S, who generously offer beautifully written and clearly explained free patterns on their website that introduce you to their style of pattern making. If you’ve been interested in making children’s clothing, Oliver + S patterns are a great way to get started. You already know how much I love their Reversible Bucket Hat and Lazy Days Skirt!

Detail of Popover Sundress in Simpatico

It was a really hot day and I must’ve been daydreaming of orange and raspberry sherbert. . .

The Popover Sundress pattern even includes instructions for making a matching doll’s dress. How cute is that?! If only Mom had this pattern in the 80’s, my Wrinkles pup Ashley and I would’ve been fashionistas together.

Penguin + Fish Sleepover Pajamas

Soon, you’ll be ready to tackle the adorable Oliver + S Sleepover Pajamas like the ones Mom made for my cousin’s daughter, Joey! Mom made this sweet pair out of Penguin + Fish’ Sweet Safari fabrics.

You can purchase Oliver + S sewing patterns and sewing kits in the Home Made shop. Along with everything else you’ll need for your project, of course.


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