Tutorial: Pickles Cozy

July 25, 2012 Julie

Home Made Pickles Cozy

Do you have a home garden? I share my backyard garden with my mother and a few customers and, collectively, our thumbs are getting just a little greener. So far we’ve enjoyed some delicious zucchini, yellow squash, beets, eggplant, peppers and cukes. Considering how many tomato plants we have, I better start preparing for some tomato canning. But, today, let’s talk about pickles made from those yummy Kirby cucumbers and jalapenos from the garden. Mmmmm. . . .

Refrigerator pickles are super easy and terrific for making small batches here and there as veggies are ready from the garden. I used this recipe and added a few extra jalapenos and cauliflower. Because I like ’em. But, you can throw in whatever you like – there are no pickle police!

Since homemade pickles are perfect for sharing, I decided to create a reusable label for my pickles that would not only announce what’s inside but would also contain some helpful information that changes with each batch. Like expiration dates! Thus, the pickle cozy! Of course, the fun doesn’t have to stop at pickles. You could easily modify this project for other canning projects, too.

You can find instructions for making your own pickle cozy after the jump. And, you can find all the craft supplies you need in the Home Made shop!

Home Made Pickles Cozy 1

First, you want to start off by cutting two pieces of green felt. To fit a quart-sized Ball Jar, they should each be 3″ x 12 5/8″. You also want to cut a small piece of card stock to be 1″ x 2 1/2″. Let’s call this piece your “note strip.” Feel free to improvise here and search through your recycle bin. A piece of cereal box would do you just fine, too.

Set aside one piece of felt and your note strip. With your remaining felt piece, take a water-soluble marking tool to mark out where you’re going to make your slits for holding your note strip as well as where you’re going to embroider “Pickles.”

One inch in from the right side of your short end, make two horizontal marks that are 1/2″ down from the bottom and up top. Then, make another set of marks that are 3″ and 7″ in from the right side. Make these marks vertical, as they will be the stopping and starting points for your letters. Then, make a horizontal line 1″ up from the bottom that connects the two vertical lines you just made. This will help you sew straight!

Home Made Pickles Cozy 2

Cut two 1/2 ” slits using the first set of horizontal lines as a guide. This is how your note strip will attach to your cozy. And, it allows you to create a new note strip every time you make a new batch of pickles. (:

Home Made Pickles Cozy 3

Using the last 3 marks you made, spell out “Pickles” in your fanciest handwriting with a water-soluble or erasable marking tool.

Home Made Pickles Cozy 4

Hand stitch your letters using the embroidery stitch of your choice. I used the backstitch and white embroidery floss.

Now, flip over your embroidered felt piece so the wrong side is facing up. Grab some fabric glue and dot some glue all over the back, avoiding the area where you made those slits for your note strip. Then, place your other felt piece on top aligning all edges.

Home Made Pickles Cozy 5

With your sewing machine outfitted with a walking foot, stitch a zigzag stitch along each long end with some fun colored threat. Stay pretty close to your edge because you don’t want to creep in on your note strip area. Then, fold your felt in half so your letters still remain on the outside and stitch a 1/4″ seam along the short ends. Write whatever you like on your note strip paper and insert into the slits. THE END!

Who’s ready for some pickles?


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