Kicking It Old School

August 31, 2012 Julie

Kate + Ellie's Lazy Days Skirts{Best buds Ellie + Kate stitched up some fun new skirts using Oliver + S’ Lazy Days Skirt pattern.}

Back when I was figuring out all those business start-up details, I spent a lot of time debating a tag line. I would name my business “Home Made,” but did it need some sort of explanation? Yes. Well, I eventually decided on “Craft Shop + Studio” because it seemed to most easily and succinctly summarize what my shop as all about.

But, I was–and still am–aware that many of us hold different definitions of the word “craft,” as it has changed over the years. When I say “craft,” I’m talking about the old-school definition that Alexandra Lange references in this interesting article: “make it yourself, buy better quality items, think about each purchase, keep it for a long time.”

To craft means to make something by hand, where the making requires skill. And artistry. The results are beautiful or functional or both.

While I’d love to hear your thoughts on Lange’s article, I also want to celebrate all the talented, crafty peeps of Home Made who have been kickin’ it old school this summer crafting projects that require patience and persistence and skill. You can see for yourself that the results are beautiful and functional. I hope they absolutely love and use them for a long time.

Kim's Very Berry Hat{Kim tackled fair isle knitting with this Very Berry Hat. Pattern and yarn by Spud & Chloe.}

Eileen's Gypsy Caravan Quilt{Eileen used cotton theory quilting to make this modified version of Amy Butler’s Window to the Soul Gypsy Caravan Quilt. Showcased at Historic Cold Spring Village’s Quilt and Fiber Show this past June.}

Heather's Spice Market Tote{Heather made this fun and functional carry-all bag using the Spice Market Tote pattern from Amy Butler.}

Kellie's Knit Bear{Kellie knit this bear buddy for a special little friend using Berroco Vintage yarn.}

Tammy's Quilted Pillow{Tammy turned a leftover quilt block into the perfect throw pillow for her daugther’s college dorm room. Fabrics from Birch Fabrics Circa 52 collection.}

Brandee's Stash and Dash Bag{Brandee’s first attempt at sewing with zippers produced this fun pencil case for her daughter to take back to school. Stash and Dash Bags pattern from Amy Butler.}

Kate's Bibdana{Kate stitched up this bibdana for her hipster cool baby, Ben. She used fabric from Birch Fabrics’ Circa 52 collection.}

This is certainly not the extent of my bragging about your projects. If you’ve made something with Home Made, you know I love to whip out my camera when you stop by to show off your latest project, snap a photo, and then I post it here.

So, if you’re ever short of inspiration, all you have to do is check out what your Home Made friends are making. Because they really know how to get on with their crafty selves. Old-school style. (:


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