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September 06, 2012 Julie

Finn's Knit Pumpkin Hat

Last year, after Halloween and Thanksgiving had come and gone and I determined that my decorative pumpkin had seen better days, Mom and I took the pumpkin and threw it into the garden. That’s a pretty fun way to compost, right? The pumpkin smashed, slowly rotted and made its way home into the Earth. That is, until we were getting ready to plant our garden this past May and we had a mystery plant growing.

By that time, we had forgotten all about our “compost” so it took a minute to solve the mystery. But, when we did, we pulled up all of the plants. Who’s ready for pumpkins in June?! Plus, if you’ve ever listened to You Bet Your Garden, Mike McGrath will tell you that one pumpkin plant can take over your entire yard. Beware!

Pumpkin Hat Knit Kit

Well, we must’ve missed one because alongside our zucchinis, we had this beautifully orange pumpkin growing. In August. And, it looked just like this knit hat. (:

Now that it’s actually pumpkin season, I’ve put together a new Pumpkin Hat Knit Kit that includes a copy of this knitting pattern as well as all the Spud & Chloe Sweater yarn you’ll need to make either the baby or toddler size hat for your favorite little pumpkin.

Finn's Knit Pumpkin Hat

Finn's Knit Pumpkin Hat

Doesn’t my nephew Finn look all grown up these days?  Not long ago he looked like this. And, now he’s quite handsome in his Lil’ Man Vest and working on his arm with our disappointingly small baby eggplants. Maybe I’ll just have to recruit his help for “composting” pumpkins this year. . .



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