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September 14, 2012 Julie

Pops' New Car

Last Saturday, I said goodbye to my grandfather. He was 86 years old and quite a character. You might remember when I talked about my Pops in my very first blog post and how he owned Carl’s Texaco at the intersection of Routes 9 and 50 in Seaville.

Carl's Texaco

Back in his day, Pops worked for the Garden State Parkway, was an extreme couponer, always wore a pocket protector, took care of me when I stayed home sick from school, pinched my cheeks just a little too hard when saying hello, and kept both his car and garage immaculate. In his later years, he let me tie ribbons around his head while unwrapping Christmas presents and suit him up with swimmies and inner tubes to go swimming in the pool. He dealt with failing vision and Parkinson’s disease. His favorite response to most questions and comments was “Bullsh*t.” And, he loved it when I’d rub his head after he got a hair cut or kicked back with a Coors Light in a frosted mug.

In his later later years, Pops said goodbye to both his first and second wives within months of each other’s passing. He suffered mini strokes, developed a preference for White Zinfandel over Coors Light, became pretty immobile and confined to his home, and stopped wanting to open his eyes or talk much. Except to ask me to find him a nice female companion in one of my knitting classes and to tell me that I didn’t need to get married to start a family. . . (:

Pops lived a long life. And, as much as I anticipated his passing, I underestimated how it would affect me and how I would need a little time before I wanted to talk about it.

As a business owner who flies solo almost all the time (unless I have help from my mother), I decided to close the shop last Saturday to attend Pops’ funeral and spend the day with my family. I share a decent bit about my life and family on here but it wasn’t until today that I was ready to tell you that. That I lost my Pops and have been sad. And, that’s why I closed the shop last Saturday.

Hopefully, you received my Facebook announcements, email newsletter announcement, or checked my website for the heads up that I was going to be closed. But, if you didn’t get the memo, I apologize for any inconvenience and hope you know that I don’t typically close the shop with short notice for no good reason. If you want to make sure you get my email newsletter announcements, just send a request to me at julie (AT) behomemade (DOT) com.




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