Baker’s Apron Class

October 04, 2012 Julie

Baker's Apron Class at Home Made

The summer before I opened up the Home Made shop, one of my four, very un-glamorous jobs was working as a baker’s assistant making artisan bread and pastries. And, by baking I mean rolling dough, running trays back and forth between refrigerators, and standing in front of a 400 degree oven trying to achieve that perfectly browned crust (and trying to avoid burning my arms) for 8 to 9 hours a day. I was a hot, sweaty, flour-covered mess by the end of each day. However, I did get to participate in quality assurance taste testing for the chocolate croissants and often went home with the most delicious sourdough.

I still love to bake. And I still take great pride in that perfectly browned crust. But these days, thankfully, I am usually not a hot, sweaty, flour-covered mess at the end of it. As head baker in my own kitchen, I like to sport one of these fun aprons to keep the mess factor down and the glam factor up. Because we all look and cook like Nigella Lawson, don’t we? Don’t hesitate. Just agree.

Whether you’re aspiring to star in a Food Network TV show or want to wear a pretty apron in your own kitchen, you should check out our new sewing class offered in the Home Made studio. Learn how to sew pleats, add a pocket, and create a waistband and ties for your very own Baker’s Apron! Forget the apples for this teacher. Triple gold star extra credit goes to anyone in class who bakes me a chocolate croissant or sourdough bread.

You in???? The full scoop on the Baker’s Apron class and all our other classes is right here. Read about it and give me a ring at 609.536.2940 or stop in to sign up!



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