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October 26, 2012 Julie

Handmade by Home Made : Clutch Bags

So, maybe you’ve been wondering: Julie, what is UP with these less frequent blog posts?! Seriously. Where does the time go???

The truth is, I’ve been getting ready to unveil quite a few fun new things for the Home Made shop and studio. Rather than be a delinquent blogger, why not share a bit of what’s been brewing? Even if I don’t entirely have all my ducks in a row – you’ll bear with me, right?

Exhibit A: Handmade by Home Made Clutch Bags!
Recently, I was lucky enough to be asked by a bride to make some clutch bags for her and her bridesmaids. The bride selected the fabrics and I got to work stitching and glueing and stitching and glueing. Turns out, I like them so much that I made a few extra in various fabrics to sell in the shop and am now offering up custom orders. Ladies, if ya’ll are gettin’ hitched and looking for a handmade gift for your favorite gals, why not pick out some fabric and let me make you a purse–perfect for the wedding day and forever happily thereafter? 

More info will be available soon on the website, but if you have questions just give me a call at 609.536.2940.

Item 2: Learn to Applique Class
I’ve been working with our resident quilt expert, Jean, to put together a beginner applique quilt class for you. The gorgeous sample she made is hanging in the shop and I’ve been collecting a list of those interested in participating in this class. We’re trying to squeeze this class in before the holidays, but will surely be offering another after the New Year. More soon!

III:  New Learn to Knit Project
We’re saying goodbye to our Bulky Cowl project in favor of a fun new neck warmer. Perhaps, this neckwarmer could also be called a cowl. To-may-toe, to-mah-toe. The point is, we’re mixing it up! So, if you’ve had a hankering to Learn to Knit, I’ll be debuting this new project and some class dates asap.

Exhibit D: Holiday Party Planning
I’m thinking friends, snacks, merriment, and a stash swap.  Yep, we’re going to have a little holiday gift giving, Home Made-style! Save the date for Wednesday, December 19 from 6-8PM and rummage through your stash of craft supplies to find quality stuff that you just don’t need/want anymore, wrap it up real purdy and get ready to regift it to another crafty pal at our party. Exact logistics for swapping at the party, TBD. No sweat, I’ll figure it out. Isn’t this a fun way to get rid of something old and receive a little something new to energize your stash? Let’s keep the estimated value of at $20 or less.

Aside from the fact that this outline would disgrace any English professor and that my kitchen (er, daytime/all-the-time office) looks like I’m in the throws of frantically writing those final exams (and, that I’ve consumed a tad too much coffee), it kinda looks like all these in-the-works tasks are more flushed out than I thought. Don’t you love it when that happens? (:

So, that’s what I’ve been up to.

How about you? Do you have a knitting or sewing project to weather out the impending hurricane???


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