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November 01, 2012 Julie

Riding Tricycles on OC Boardwalk{Aunt Robin, my cousin Nick, and me crusin’ on our tricycles : Ocean City, NJ circa 1983}

With Hurricane Sandy a few days behind us and Cape May County busy at work pulling ourselves back together, today feels like a good day to show some love for my community by sharing a few photos of my family on the Ocean City boardwalk.

While I live closer to Avalon and Sea Isle City these days, I grew up going to Ocean City for the beaches and boardwalk (and eventually, high school). Hello, Mack Manco & Manco PizzaKohr Bros, and Gillian’s Wonderland Pier! Since Ocean City is “America’s Greatest Family Resort,” it’s only appropriate that we now share the things we love most about “the shore” with my nephews.

Finn's First Boat Ride on OC Boardwalk{My nephew, Finn : Ocean City, NJ circa Labor Day 2012}

Sure. Our first trip to the rides had it’s ups and downs. Finn’s face might even suggest that he hated it. But, then again, who wouldn’t be a little skeptical when his entire family puts him in a boat all by himself and waves goodbye???

Finn + Erica on OC Boardwalk{Finn and his beautiful mama, Erica : Ocean City, NJ circa Labor Day 2012}

But, don’t let him fool ya. He loved it! As much as any independent, “I-can-do-it-all-by-myself-and-won’t-share-any-ice-cream-with-Aunt-Julie-because-I-love-to-say-No” two-year old can. Then again, I don’t think I’d want to share my ice cream, either, even if half of it was dripping off the cone. (:

Lincoln + Aunt Julie on OC Boardwalk{My nephew, Lincoln and me : Ocean City, NJ circa Labor Day 2012}

And, I soaked up time with Lincoln, who had just taken up cooing and giggling (and thinking that his Aunt Julie is the coolest and funniest). Obviously. You can also see some of our fun on Avalon’s beaches here.

Thankfully, my family and Home Made have been minimally affected by this week’s storm and my fingers are crossed that you and yours fared alright, too.

Update: There is so much to do in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and so many continue to be displaced and/or are dealing with the devastation to their homes and communities.

I just learned that Villas Liquors and The Whale’s Tale in Cape May are collecting donations for food and toiletries for people displaced from their homes after the hurricane. Please drop off any donations to the Whale’s Tale (or to Home Made and I’ll deliver it to Whale’s Tale). The Whale’s Tale is also collecting Red Cross donations which they will match.

Please feel free to add a comment if you know of any other relief efforts worth sharing!



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