Happy Drawing + Seven Seas by Cloud9 Fabrics

November 04, 2012 Julie

Happy Drawing by Cloud9 Fabrics{Happy Drawing by Cloud9 Fabrics: Scribbles in Blue, Crabs, Sheep, Frogs, Birds}

Some fun new characters recently blew into the shop and they are just begging to be made into this Sleeping Bag, this Ladder Quilt, these Sleepover Pajamas, and/or some kids’ bedding (or, at the very least some new pillowcases!).

Cloud9 Fabrics has collaborated with children’s book author and illustrator Ed Emberley to bring you Happy Drawing and Happy Drawing, Too fabric collections. You might be most familiar with his Ed Emberley’s Drawing Book of Animals, the 1970’s “how-to-draw” book from which many of the above characters originated. But, Ed Emberley’s got a whole bunch of great books which you can find here. Now, his imaginative drawings are available in the form of affordable, organic quilting cottons in the Home Made shop. (:

Seven Seas 'The Fleet' by Cloud9 Fabrics{Seven Seas by Cloud9 Fabrics: The Fleet in Red, The Fleet in Navy}

Appropriately, the wind also blew in a few sail boats! Two great prints from Cloud9 Fabrics’ collaboration with Michele Brummer Everett called Seven Seas are now in the shop, too! We’ve got ‘The Fleet’ in the classic colors — red and navy — which perfectly suit us shore dwellers devoted to being near the ocean. An ocean who reminded us of just how powerful she is this past week

All Cloud9 Fabrics, including ‘The Fleet’ prints, are 100% organic cotton. What’s the big whoop with organic cotton, you ask? Read some statistics about cotton here.

Whatcha gonna sew now???



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