Mad + J.R.’s Quilted Wedding Pillow

November 09, 2012 Julie

Mad + JR's Quilted Wedding Pillow

Let me be honest. I’ve been reluctant to blog lately because, frankly, I don’t know what to say or how to talk about new fabrics and knitting classes and other crafty goodness without feeling a bit trivial. With so many still displaced after Hurricane Sandy without power, waiting in lines for gas, unable to reopen their businesses or return to their homes, who cares about the flippin’ felt snowman ornaments I made yesterday?!

Well, last weekend a few fabulous customers reminded me that Home Made has become their “feel good” place. That while felt crafts may not bring world peace, and new fabrics cannot influence the speed at which power is restored to northern New Jersey and New York, they can help bring about a sense of peace within ourselves and ignite a spark of creativity and positivity to help us through. Onward we go.

That said, let me talk about my friends Madeleine + J.R who have been on my mind lately, as they reside in a NYC neighborhood that was underwater last week.

Mad + JR's Steamboat Wedding - Cocktail Hour View{View from their wedding cocktail hour. Gorgeous!}

Mad and J.R. got married this past August atop a mountain in beautiful Steamboat, CO. It was so picturesque and full of friends-and-family fun like powerpoint presentations about a veil that’s been in Mad’s family forever, karaoke, ladder ball, tap-dancing-best-man-speeches, and gondola rides that I felt like I was cast in a movie about my college roommate’s wedding. It might not be that much of a surprise that I’d like Zooey Deschanel to play me in the movie version. She’s cute, she’s funny, she knits, AND she sews. What’s not to love? 

Mad + JR's Wedding Invitation

To celebrate the marriage of my girl Mad to such a terrific guy, I wanted to make them a special something. I came up a quilted throw pillow inspired by their wedding invitation that I hoped would serve as a ‘lil reminder of their big day and how awesome I think they are.

Mad + JR's Quilted Wedding Pillow - Flat

I really had no clear plan aside from cutting up 1 1/2″ strips of black and white fabric and stitching up some strip sets that I then cut up again and sewed together so they would start to resemble the design on the invite. After a bunch of trial and error (because that’s what happens when you don’t really make a plan), I was finally satisfied with the design. After measuring my pillow insert, I added some fabric to the sides so it could become an envelope cover.

Then came the muslin, batting, and patchwork sandwich to prepare for quilting. Nothing fancy, just me, my walking foot and straight lines. After quilting it, I finished my edges with a zigzag stitch and assembled it into the envelope. Woohoo! I actually finished it about 20 minutes before I was scheduled to hop in the car to drive to NYC to deliver. (:

Mad + JR's Quilted Wedding Pillow - Living Room

Here’s the pillow sittin’ pretty in the newlyweds’ NYC apartment. I’m so happy with h0w their gift turned out!

While I deliberated over this design for quite some time before I actually started, this project was a terrific exercise in freestyle sewing. And, by freestyle, I mean I wasn’t really following a pattern. I just had an idea and got started. Do you ever do that? Doesn’t it feel so good when it works out?

Congrats again to Mad + J.R.! Thanks for such a beautiful and fun weekend. xoxo


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