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November 15, 2012 Julie

Home Made Cozy Neck Warmer Knitting Class

So, I hear you’ve been busy. You think you’re too young. You think you’re too old. Or, you think you’re too un-coordinated. But, still, that urge to grab some yarn and knitting needles remains. Soon, that burning desire to join the cool kids will take over and the only thing that will matter is that you try it regardless of busyness, age, or coordination. Well, that and that I schedule a new Learn to Knit class already! 

It’s time to check “learn to knit” off the list! (:

Cozy Neck Warmer Knitting Class at Home Made

I’ve just put together a new beginner knitting class project that I’m calling the Cozy Neck Warmer. It’s like a scarf, maybe even categorized as a cowl, and it goes around your neck, secures with a button closure, and keeps you warm. And, looking very stylish.

In an ideal knitting world, first projects are flat, rectangular, incorporate the two basic stitches of knit and purl, and use a chunky yarn so you can whip that baby up relatively quickly and experience the satisfaction of completing it sooner than later. Rather than getting partway through and then tossing it into a closet and forgetting about it.

The Cozy Neck Warmer is the perfect project because it teaches you all the basics you need to know for starting and finishing your first knitting project in an attainable (and, hopefully a challenging-but-not-super-frustrating) way.

I’ve just scheduled one section of this class for January but welcome requests for scheduling other dates for parties of 4 or more – just send an email to julie (AT) be homemade (DOT) com or call 609.536.2940.

You can read all about our Cozy Neck Warmer class as well as view our full class schedule and the details about registering here.


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