Paint Your Own Yarn Bowl Workshop

January 17, 2013 Julie

Paint Your Own Yarn Bowl Workshop

So, I’ve been thinking about how to combat the winter blues and spice things up down in Cape May County. Because with short days and many local businesses closed for the winter, this time of year can feel like it goes on for-ev-er. After a little brainstorming over coffee at one of my favorite coffee shops with Jennifer from Glazed Over Studios, I may have just figured it out. You might want to sit down because it’s about to get crazy up in here. And, the answer is not do to more wheel poses like my yoga instructor says helps combat depression (but, that’s also good info to know if you didn’t already!). Meet-ups with like-minded folks and awesome coffee shops help, too. . .

We’re going to paint our own yarn bowls! Yep. I bet you didn’t think knitters got that wild. Watch out, because sometimes we even meet up to have a drink and knit!

Now, this is what your blank canvas yarn bowl looks like:

Blank Yarn Bowl for Paint Your Own Workshop

During our Paint Your Own Yarn Bowl workshop on Saturday, February 23 from 1 – 3 PM, Jennifer will teach you about and let you experiment with lots of techniques you can use to personalize your bowl with glazes. Will you splatter paint, sponge, stencil, or opt for a specialty crystal glaze? After you’ve created your yarn bowl masterpiece, Jennifer will take the bowls to fire them in the kiln and then return to Home Made for pick-up the following week.

As with all our classes, registration with payment is required to reserve your spot and you can find all the juicy details about this workshop and all our other classes right here. Like, a new Learn to Knit: Cozy Neck Warmer Class is coming up on February 20 + 27! 

If you’ve read this far and are wondering what the heck a yarn bowl is, thanks for hanging in. A yarn bowl is a vessel to hold your yarn so it doesn’t roll all over the place while you’re knitting. And mislead your pets into thinking that your gorgeous yarn is a toy. The little hole in the side makes this bowl inefficient for cereal and ice cream BUT perfect for guiding that yarn as you pull for more slack so the ball easily spins inside the bowl. In short, they are fabulous and make knitting more enjoyable. As if that were even possible! (:

Our custom handmade yarn bowls by Amanda Leipert of The Madd Potters’ Studio in Cape May have been quite a hit and are still available in the Home Made shop. Made of stoneware and designed by Amanda and me, they are perfectly sized and durable. You can see what I’m talking about right here.

Whether you paint your own or snag one of our handmade ones, yarn bowls are a perfect gift for your favorite knitter and/or a wonderful treat for yourself. They are a ray of sunshine, if you will. . .

Let’s get some sunshine up in here! Sunshine is also available here, here, and here.




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