Pub Knit at Cape May Brewery

January 23, 2013 Julie

Pub Knit with Home Made{Photo from Cape May Brewing Company}

You know what goes pret-ty great with knitting? Well, knitting projects that aren’t super complicated. A delicious cold beer, brewed locally by Cape May Brewing Company.

For the last few months, I’ve been organizing Pub Knit outings around Cape May County. The plan is simple. I figure out a gathering spot (ie. watering hole) and then tell you to meet there at such and such time on such and such date. I remind you to bring your knitting and clarify that this invitation is not exclusive. We had enough of that in high school, didn’t we? In fact, we welcome anyone who wants to come embroider, crochet, make yo-yos or do other handwork. Shoot, you don’t even have to do any of those things! You can just show up and hang out. Because sometimes that’s all I do, too.

I’m excited to announced that the next Pub Knit is going to be at Cape May Brewing Company on Sunday, February 3 at 4:30 PM. Dad reminded me that that’s the same day as the Super Bowl. I said, ‘What’s the Super Bowl?’ Okay, I’m not that clueless but I don’t pretend to care about watching sports. For me, “Super Bowl Sunday” is just another day of avoiding football on television so why not get together somewhere to knit and drink beer? I’m pretty sure the big event doesn’t start until later anyway. So, no excuses!

The brewery doesn’t serve food so they encourage you to bring your own munchies. If you feel so inclined, pick up a bag of pretzels or something to bring. To further entice you, here’s a list of your beer options. You can also read more about the brewery and get directions here. Now, go mark your calendar!

If you want to read my little blurb about this Pub Knit business, you can click here. You can also see some photos of our previous Pub Knits here. And, you can subscribe to our email newsletter for reminders about future Pub Knits and all our other happenings by sending an email to julie AT behomemade DOT com that says, “Hey Julie. Please add me to your newsletter!”



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