Timber + Leaf by Sarah Watts

February 02, 2013 Julie

Timber & Leaf by Sarah Watts

Well, hello there MORE NEW FABRIC! (: Let’s keep Home Made’s birthday celebration rolling with another batch of fabric called Timber & Leaf. Designed by Sarah Watts for Blend Fabrics, this fabric collection of quilting cottons is full of warm colors and beautiful flora and fauna that’ll surely inspire your next sewing project.

Timber & Leaf by Sarah Watts{Timber + Leaf by Sarah Watts: Tree Rings in Gold, Gerbera in Grey, Fox Portrait in Brown + Playful Fox in Blue}

Timber + Leaf fabrics would make a pretty awesome Slideshow quilt! And, don’t you just want to make your fella some pajama pants out of Fox Portrait for Valentine’s Day? Of course, then you’d be authorized to call him “Foxy Pants.” To clarify, this new nickname would be pronounced Fox-ayyy Pants. (:

Timber & Leaf by Sarah Watts{Timber + Leaf by Sarah Watts: Bird Flora in Grey, Bird Flora in Blue, Pine Stickers in Pink, Pine Stickers in Yellow, Gerbera in Turquoise + Brush Bear in Ivory}

As much as I try to make the most my little digital camera and tap into my underdeveloped Photoshop skills, these pictures really do not do this collection justice. There’s such pretty and subtle detail that you really do have to stop in to see it. You just do. And, then we can brainstorm what you’ll do with this beautiful fabric.

Perhaps your creative wheels are already turning. Tell me, what will you make???

Timber + Leaf is now available for purchase in the Home Made shop in quarter yard cuts as well as fat quarter bundles. If you don’t live nearby and are captivated by this fabric by the pictures you see here (and, how can I blame you?!), just give me a ring at 609.536.2940 and we’ll put together a mail order for you. Done!


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