Shelburne Falls by Denyse Schmidt

March 02, 2013 Julie

Shelburne Falls by Denyse Schmidt{Denyse Schdmit’s Shelburne Falls in Willow, takin’ it from the top: Circle Square, Vine + Leaf, Multi Floral, Complex Plaid, Dress Floral, Plaid + Dot, Deco Fans, Crest, Sparse Floral + Fine Strip} 

What I am about to tell you might spoil any illusion you have of me as a glamorous photographer snapping photos of new fabric in a professional photo shoot setting. Because that’s what you thought, isn’t it??? ;) Hopefully you can bear the harsh reality that all I really do is carry the bolts upstairs to my living quarters above the shop and photograph them there. That’s where the best natural light shines in.

As can imagine, this photo shooting strategy can be a risky business. Once you see fabric in a room it can change your entire perspective and you quickly find yourself dreaming up all sorts of new bedding, quilts, and window treatments. Turns out, Shelburne Falls looks quite pretty in my bedroom. Go figure!

Though it’s also the name of a place in Massachusetts, the Shelburne Falls I’m talking about is the name of Denyse Schmidt‘s latest fabric collection, inspired by “old-fashioned courtliness and small town charm of American Folk dance.” And, it just so happens that Denyse has a fabulous free pattern to make her Square Dance Quilt with his beautiful new fabric that you can find right here.

Now, if you’d like to buy full bolts of fabric to take home with you to get the same experience I have of seeing this fabric in your own space I certainly won’t protest. Otherwise, you can now purchase Shelburne Falls in the Willow colorway here at the Home Made shop. As usual, we offer cuts by the quarter yard and fat quarter bundles in the Home Made shop!

Because, I bet it also turns out that Shelburne Falls would look quite pretty in your house, too.




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