Flower Buds + Vase Class

March 07, 2013 Julie

Home Made Flower Buds + Vase Class

We had so much fun with our recent Paint Your Own Yarn Bowl workshop that Jennifer from Glazed Over Studios and I brainstormed a follow-up project that combines more of our loves–pottery, felt, and pom poms! If you missed our first Paint Your Own Yarn Bowl Workshop, we’ve got another scheduled for July 12 and you can find the details here.

Why wait for Spring blooms when you can make felt flowers and a coordinating vase that’ll offer a pick-me-up all year?! In our Flower Buds + Vase class, you’ll make your own flower buds from felt and yarn with just a little hot gluein’, hand stitchin’ and pom pom makin’. Then, you’ll get to paint your own coordinating bud vase with whatever design and specialty glaze you choose! No prior flower arranging, hot glueing, sewing or painting experience required.

Home Made Flower Buds + Vase Class

Will you choose a sleek, cylinder vase or a friendly, round one? Do you fancy poppies or rose buds with your pom poms? Will you make one for yourself or give it to your mama??? Mother’s Day is just ’round the corner, you know. . . Shoot, maybe you AND your mama want to take this class together!

This workshop is scheduled for Saturday, April 27 from 1 – 3 PM so check out all of our class policies and details here and join us! Space is limited so check your calendar and then either call 609.536.2940 or stop in to register with payment to secure your spot!


If you fancy making felt flowers on your own, you can find all your delicious supplies in the Home Made shop!


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