Split Personality Reversible Bag Class

March 09, 2013 Julie

Home Made Split Personality Bag Class

Let’s keep it rolling here with some news about another addition to our class roster — the Split Personality Reversible Bag Class!

But, before I get into it, I should really make some introductions. Meet Straight Stitch Society. Straight Stitch Society, meet _______ {insert your name}. When you hear “Society,” you may think it’s a very exclusive bunch. And, I must warn you — their criteria for admittance is quite rigorous. First, you must be able to sew a straight stitch. Second, you must prove that your values align with those outlined in their manifesto. Like, how you shouldn’t make something if it’s not super cute. And, when someone asks, “Did you make that?,” you proudly say “YES!” and DO NOT talk about how much you fudged certain parts. Or all of it. And, when you’re starting to think that the fate of the world depends upon whether your got your seam allowance right, you stop and remind yourself that it’s just fabric.

If it sounds like the two of you can hang, then we’ll move on to talking about their Split Personality Reversible Bag. Did I tell you I am offering this project in a Home Made class? Yea, I know already I did. A little repeat can’t hurt. Nor does telling you to click here to check out the class dates and details.

Home Made Split Personality Bag Class

True to it’s name, this bag has two sides. One side that’ll showcase your thoughtful, serious side and the other your wild and crazy side. Or, if you happen to love bikes, you can just use that fabric on both sides with different colored bottoms. Either this means I don’t really have two sides to my personality or I don’t follow fabric selecting directions very well. Which, I would say it’s the latter and would would argue that my tactics align with the Straight Stitch Society’s Manifesto anyway. C’mon, it’s only fabric!

Super cuteness aside, I chose this project for our next bag class because it’s got straightforward instructions and offers you the opportunity to practice sewing curved seams, creating pleats, and adding buttonholes. Why not give those a whirl if you haven’t already?

This class is a 4-hour class that requires a smidge of homework be completed beforehand. Which further requires some comfort cutting out your pattern pieces and fabric, fusing interfacing, and having some sewing machine basics. So, if you haven’t used a sewing machine since Mrs. Cunningham’s middle school Home Economics class, then might I suggest our Pillowcases and Spice Market Tote classes as appetizers?

You can take a look at all of our current class offerings here. Space is limited, so call 609.536.2940 or stop in to register with payment to secure your spot!

If you’d like to tackle this project on you own so you can sip that glass of wine at home while you sew and the kids sleep, this pattern and super cute fabric is available for purchase in the Home Made shop!




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