Foxy Baby Blanket + Acorn Hat

March 15, 2013 Julie

A Foxy Super Quick + Easy Baby Blanket

Now, I haven’t tested this theory. Nor, do I plan to refresh my knowledge in sociological research in order to do so. BUT, I think that the more handmade things a baby has as it starts his way in the world, the better prepared she will be for life.

Because, if handmade blankets and sweaters and hats and the like are made with love, and if a baby is swaddled and cuddled and bundled up in those handmade things, then that baby is totally surrounded by love in lots of ways. Which in my opinion is a pretty great way to start.

I’ve made the Super Quick + Easy Baby Blanket before. A few times. The pattern is from this book and it’s such an easy gift to make for expecting parents that I couldn’t help but make another in our new foxes fabric from Timber + Leaf. Rather than zig zag stitch to tack this blanket, I tied wool yarn instead.


Spud + Chloe Acorn Hat Pattern

And, with the woodland theme I seem to have going here, I knit up Spud +  Chloe’s new Acorn Hat in their Outer yarn.

Spud + Chloe Acorn Hat

This hat is another quick project that you could totally squeeze in as a last-minute baby shower gift. I knit this one up one night while watching a movie which allows me to estimate that you this can be completed in under an hour and a half. And, that’s with pauses to check out my Dad’s funny faces as he watches, my own pauses to watch with perhaps similar funny faces, and a popcorn break.

Spud +  Chloe’s organic cotton and wool yarns are such a great choice for baby gifts because it’s machine washable and super soft. Plus, you know you’re avoiding those pesky pesticides from the cotton manufacturing process. And, perhaps best of all, it knits up real quick! It’s the same yarn used for this sweet Leaf Blanket.

Are you waiting for a little one to arrive? What will you make him?


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