Daffodils + Home Improvement

April 11, 2013 Julie

Felt Daffodils

After what feels like a very long winter, I know I’m not the only one stoked for some sunny and warmer weather. The windows are open, the birds are chirping, the daffodils are blooming, and you all are so excited about Spring that it seems to have accelerated your driving on Route 9. Tsk, tsk. In case you haven’t visited, the Home Made house sits nearly atop Route 9 so we hear and feel the vibrations from you speedy drivers. Slow down and stop in for fabric and/or yarn! (:

Let’s talk about those daffodils. I love real ones. But they’re so temporary and I would have to cut them from my beautiful stash outside to bring inside. Solution: Make felt daffodils that last even without water. ;) Now, those are my kind of flowers!

To make these daffodils, I followed this tutorial. However, I modified the stem part which I think makes for a sturdier flower and allows us to use readily available materials like sticks. Yep, sticks from the yard! I’ll be teaching my method of felt flower making at the Flower Buds + Vase workshop that’s coming up on April 27th. In that class, we’ll make some sweet little buds and poppies which will allow you to apply those techniques to other flowers like these pretty daffodils. Click here for details about that workshop! 


Brick Patio Redo: Part One

I also embarked on another home improvement project earlier this week. Last year was painting the exterior of the house. This year, we’ve already taken down the back deck and now are tackling the back patio with a redesign! That there is a lot of brick to pull up, isn’t it? Hence, my chilled red reward in-a-glass for a hard days work. (:

I’m feeling pretty motivated with this project and, if all goes according to plan, it won’t take as long as the house painting did. . .Fingers crossed. So, cheers to beautiful-weather-inspired new projects!


Affordable, high quality felt and embroidery floss is available for purchase in the Home Made shop! You’ll love it. Promise!



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