Tax Quilt

April 25, 2013 Julie

Tax Quilt Front

I finished my quilt! This quilt that I started last year as part of my tax prep procrastination strategy.

Tax Quilt Back

As a gift to myself after filing my taxes this year, I buckled down to finish this thing already! I dragged this project out for an unnecessarily long time because I needed several hours-long, uninterrupted blocks of time to quilt this bad boy. And, something else that seemed more important than making myself a quilt always took priority. You know how easy that is to do. . .

You see, I wanted to quilt this lap blanket myself rather than send it off to a professional (with more experience than I have — which is fine, I think, when you have realistic expectations for your abilities). I did this because I wanted to make this quilt from start to finish, which meant I would have to work with what I’ve got. And, what I’ve got are regular ol’ sewing machines. And, when you quilt a very generous sized lap blanket on the diagonal on your regular ol’ sewing machine, you’ve gotta roll up each side of your quilt on an angle to be able to feed it through. Not impossible but kinda annoying. I think I would’ve had an easier time if I had gone with horizontal or vertical stitching lines. Or, tried this Quilt As You Go technique.

But, I did it! Which means you can too, if you wanted to give it a try. Though, I’d recommend a much smaller project to start, like a throw pillow or baby quilt. I used my walking foot to stitch a 1/4″ away from each of my seams. I also used sewing machine needles specifically made for quilting to help avoid any skipped stitches.

Aside from needing to not call this quilt my Tax Quilt (which is how I think of it now even though that name is the opposite of snuggly relaxation), I’m super excited and proud of the finished result. It’s not perfect but it’s completely made by ME. I think it’s beautiful and cozy and the perfect size for my couch. Yep, part of the gift-to-myself-part is that this quilt is a resident of my couch and not hanging out as a sample in the shop. (:

P.S. Thank you SO SO much for your birthday wishes and for coming out to our sale this past Saturday. Surprisingly, many of you told me I don’t look a day over 25! It must be true then, especially if I read it on the internet. ;)


Quilting supplies like fabric, fat quarter bundles, the BEST batting, thread, sewing machine needles, and other notions and tools are available for purchase at Home Made! Some of those fabrics you see in my quilt are no longer available because I started this project over a year ago.


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