Celebrate Mama (+ We’re Closed on Mother’s Day)

May 09, 2013 Julie

Mom and Me at Home Made{Photo of Mom + Me by Ocean Bleu Photography :}

If you don’t know my Mom, meet Cindy. She’s that pretty lady up there on the left. Cindy is a Capricorn and has striking blue eyes that I clearly did not inherit. I did, however, inherit some of her craftiness and probably some of her stubbornness, too. Two things I know for sure about my Mom — she is ridiculously energetic like a hummingbird and never turns down a piece of chocolate. Hrm, could there be a correlation between those two things??? 

My mom taught me to sew, to paint like a pro, to mow the lawn, to cook, and to use power tools. She was also there to comfort me when, at age 11, I accidentally mowed over a whole nest of baby birds hidden in the grass and cried about it for hours. But, probably the biggest thing she taught me was how I could do anything I set my mind to do.  That gender has nothing to do with your capacity to achieve what you want. She’s always had confidence in me that I’d figure it all out and has always been around to support me. Yep, she’s pretty great. And I’m pretty lucky.

So, to celebrate Mama Cindy, I’m going to make her a little special something like I normally do. But, it’s a surprise so I’m not telling you on here! We also have plans for a bike ride, picnic lunch and hanging with my nephews which leads me to my next announcement:

Home Made will be CLOSED on Sunday, May 12! We’ll reopen on Wednesday, May 15 with our usual business hours and will be ready for our The Sophia Cowl workshop. Are you joining?

How will you celebrate your mama?

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that a Home Made gift certificate makes a GREAT Mother’s Day gift. Packaged in a handmade felt envelope that she can use to store her hand stitching needles, this will totally make her day. Or, pick her up one of our just-arrived-to-the-shop-this-afternoon sweet smelling candles, a yarn bowl, or a fun Straight Stitch Society sewing pattern from the Home Made shop! I’ve got ideas so stop on in today, tomorrow or Saturday for the goods!


However you celebrate, I wish you all a Happy Mother’s Day and hope that all you important mother figures in our lives know how special and appreciated you are. xoxo




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