Lincoln’s Lobster + Big Birthdays!

May 16, 2013 Julie

Lincoln Turns One

My nephew Lincoln turned one over the weekend! Can you believe it?! He celebrated with cupcakes, playing cars, smiling and continuing his reign as staring competition champion. Such a grown up already! Remember when he was this small?

Lincoln's Knit Lobster

True to form, Auntie Julie was late in getting him his handmade presents. We talked and he’s cool with it, though. So, Lincoln got an I.O.U for some tough guy pajamas in our new Skulls & Crossbones fabric. AND, I finally finished his Christmas present. A knit lobster!

I heart this lobster so much, probably because lobsters are unexpected stuffed friends to have. Which I think is funny and it makes me smile. 

I used the Jacques Crusteau pattern from Petite Purls which you can find here. For yarn, I chose Berroco Vintage in Sour Cherry for the lobster’s body and Berroco Vintage in Mochi for the eyes. His pupiles are made of black felt and stitched on with embroidery floss. Another great yarn for this project would be Spud & Chloe Sweater. Mmmmm.

Finishing this lobster reminded me of how much fun knitting toys can be. It’s exciting to add those finishing touches like eyes and a mouth because that determines personality. Just like people, I’d say. I have my sights set on knitting this monkey next, a pattern that I just added to the Home Made shop. Will you give it a try???

Finn Turns Three

And, guess who else had a birthday! Lincoln’s big brother, Finn, turned three just two weeks ago. Three!!!

Finn still rocks his rocket ship Sleepover Pajamas (I didn’t say anything to him, but they look like they might be getting just a teensy bit snug now). He also has an affinity for anything related to cars and takes bike safety very seriously. Do you?


You can find Berroco Vintage  yarn, Spud & Chloe yarn, knitting needles and accessories, felt, embroidery floss, cotton stuffing, and all the supplies and encouragement you need for your next project at Home Made!


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