Grandmom’s Sewing Chair

May 25, 2013 Julie

Postage Stamp Sew Chair

Years ago, I inherited my great grandmother’s sewing chair and have had it in my mind to give it a bit of a makeover ever since. Originally, this chair had a white vinyl seat covering. I’m sure it looked great in its day, Grandmom, but it was time for a fresh look. 

I used regular ol’ medium weight quilting cottons to stitch up a mini postage stamp quilt top to cover the seat. To make it a little cushier, I added some batting and fusible fleece to it’s underside before stapling it down. If you’re worried about it not using upholstery fabrics, just attach some fusible interfacing to firm that fabric up a bit and it’ll be just fine. Just fine, I say!


If you’d like to give something like this a try, check out this tutorial for creating a Postage Stamp Quilt. And, to show you how easy it is to recover chairs, you can check out my own tutorial for that here.

You can do it!


All those fine fabrics you see, as well as sewing notions and encouragement is available at Home Made.



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