Yellow Owl Workshop Stamps + Ink Pads

June 20, 2013 Julie

Yellow Owl Workshop Carve-A-Stamp Kit

I’m so excited to be introducing Yellow Owl Workshop stamps and ink pads to the Home Made shop just in time to inspire some summer crafting. Designed by artist and author Christine Schmidt, Yellow Owl Workshop offers a sophisticated yet playful line of rubber stamps and ink pads that hold true to their commitment to the environment and U.S. made materials.

Right now, I think I’m most excited about their Carve-A-Stamp Kit. This kit has everything you need to guide you through creating you own rubber stamp, whether you design it yourself or use one of the templates provided. You get a stamp block with two sides for carving, a carving tool with multiple blades, a fabric bag, and an all-purpose ink pad along with the instructions to guide you through. All-purpose as in you can stamp on just about anything!!!

Aside from daydreaming about stamping all over that keepsake bag that comes with the kit, I can’t wait to try my hand at designing my own fabric by stamping on our Robert Kaufman canvas and Essex fabrics. I’m just getting started brainstorming, but don’t you think you could make a sweet set of tea towels, napkins, a tote bag, or a throw pillow that’s totally unique with these stamps?

Now, you don’t have to carve your own stamp if you don’t want to. Forced fun isn’t really fun, is it? So, check out some of their already made stamp sets:

Yellow Owl Workshop Beach Stamps

Yellow Owl Workshop Sea StampsYellow Owl Workshop Circus Stamps

Yellow Owl Workshop Seashell Stamps Yellow Owl Workshop Owls in Tree Stamps

Yellow Owl Workshop From the Kitchen Of Stamp

Whether you’re into scrapbooking, making your own invitations and stationery, mixed media art projects, designing your own fabric, and/or personalizing your stuff, you’ll find so much to do with these fun stamps. The brainstorming continues –commemorate your Summer at the beach with a personalized photo album or postcards, send a handwritten note (!) on card stock designed by YOU, and package that homemade jam in style. Mmmmm, tomato jam. . .

Much of the magic of these stamps happens with the use of Yellow Owl Workshop’s all-purpose ink pads. You can print right on paper, fabric, clay, wood, glass, metal, and probably some other surfaces I’m not thinking of right now. Wait, it just came to me — seashells! I haven’t tried it yet but I bet you could have fun stamping on seashells with the kiddos.

Yellow Owl Workshop Ink Pads

The all-purpose ink pads come in all sorts of great colors, too — orange, pink, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, purple, and red.

Who’s ready to start stamping?

All the Yellow Owl Workshop goods you see here are now available for purchase right HERE in the Home Made shop!


{All photographs in this post by Yellow Owl Workshop}


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