Salt Water by Tula Pink

June 21, 2013 Julie

Salt Water by Tula Pink

Say hello to some sea inspired fabrics from Tula Pink‘s Salt Water collection of quilting cottons. Just looking at these fabrics evokes that special calm that comes across me when I first get to the beach. The sounds of waves crashing and seagulls calling and the smell of salt water reminds me to breathe. Note: This calm is restricted to times when seagulls are not pooping on your head or trying to steal your sandwich.

While these fabrics have a bit of whimsy, I’d say they’re a pretty sophisticated bunch. They’re just plain pretty, too. You know I’ve already used two of these fabrics for a Seashore Sundress, but I think these fabrics would make a fabulous quilt or throw pillow. Maybe like this, this, or this. Though you don’t need worry about getting too fancy because they would work beautifully for our Quilted Pillow with Zipper class.

Salt Water Fat Quarters

Sure, I’ve gone ahead and made some fat quarter bundles but you can also find these fabrics by the yard in the Home Made shop!

What, oh what, will you make this Summer that will remind you to breathe in that calm all year?


All the fabrics you see are available for purchase in the Home Made shop, along with lots of other sewing supplies, project inspiration, and encouragement. If you don’t live nearby, just give us a ring at 609.536.2940 and we’ll put together a mail order for you. Easy peasy.



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