SweetGeorgia Yarns ToughLove Sock + a Finished Audrey Cardigan

June 25, 2013 Julie

SweetGeorgia Yarn's ToughLove Sock{SweetGeorgia Yarns’ ToughLove Sock in Lemon Curd, Lakeshore Drive, Silver, Stillwater + Stormchaser}

Oh. My. A new stash of SweetGeorgia Yarns has arrived!

You should come to the Home Made shop to feast your eyes on these beauties. Right now! They’re even more stunning in person. In the words of my 3 year old nephew who helped me unpack these boxes (and who is also starting to learn the difference between yarn and fabric), these yarns are “like a rainbow.”

However, I do realize you may not be able to drop everything to come over this minute. So, in the meantime, enjoy these photos and let SweetGeorgia’s founder Felicia Lo tell you about her process for dying yarn by clicking here.

SweetGeorgia Yarn's ToughLove Sock{SweetGeoriga Yarns’ ToughLove Sock in Ginger, Cayenne, Boheme, Mist + Amethyst}

This is actually the first installment of my SweetGeorgia Show ‘n Tell. There’s more?! Yep. First up is more of this fabulous ToughLove Sock yarn. A mix of variegated and semi-solids in stunning colors, this yarn just begs to be knit into a pair of these, this, or this.

OR, you could knit up your own Audrey cardigan!

Jane Richmond's Audrey Cardigan

I actually finished my cardigan over a month ago. Please, let the record show that I stayed true to my estimated knit time where I predicated to finish in May . (: I just delayed sewing on the buttons and blocking, mostly because I knew I’d wait to show you the finished project after some more ToughLove Sock arrived to the Home Made shop. How could I risk causing heartbreak by showing off this pretty sweater and not having any more of that gorgeousToughLove Sock yarn in Ginger left?! See what I do for you? ;) And, rest assured, I’ve got more Ginger here now! No heartbreaks, please.


Jane Richmond's Audrey Cardigan

By the by, you can see how I started Audrey in January and updated you here and here

Because ToughLove Sock is spun from 80% superwash and supersoft fine merino and 20% nylon, this 3-ply yarn is very versatile. You could knit it firmly for hard wearing socks, knit it loosely for drapey shawls, or knit it doubled for a great worsted weight substitute.

What will you knit?


SweetGeorgia Yarns, knitting patterns, needles, accessories, and all the encouragement you need can be found at Home Made! 


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