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July 02, 2013 Julie

Bonnie + Abe Warren

When I get together with my pals Bonnie and Abe Warren, we usually end up chatting about our latest projects and discussing our philosophies behind running a creative business. You may remember me taking you on a tour of their workshop here.

We may work with different mediums — Bonnie and Abe work with salvaged wood and I work with fabric and yarn — but at the heart of both of our businesses is a desire to bring beauty and meaning to your home.

Because when something is handmade (and not mass manufactured), a whole heck of a lot more thought, love and care went into creating it. Whether you, your grandmother, or a local artist made it, you’re likely to have a personal connection to the items that fill your home because they trigger memories of significant people in your life or meaningful experiences you’ve had.

As big fans of each others’ work, another favorite topic of conversation for Bonnie, Abe and I is what kind of collaborative projects we can get ourselves into. Here’s what we came up with.

On Sunday, August 4 from 10AM – 5PM, you’re invited to Home Made for an exhibit called Craft a Handmade Home featuring the woodwork of Handcrafted by Abraham Warren of Salem, NJ. By exhibit, we mean that this event is part art show, part open house. In other words, there will be original art. There will be snacks. And, you’ll be able to purchase the stuff you like.

Artists Bonnie and Abe Warren transform salvaged wood into functional art, viewing their art as a partnership between nature, their clients, and themselves. When you purchase one of their pieces, you are likely to forge a friendship, too. A good move, in my opinion. (:  

Hancrafted by Abraham Warren

Hancrafted by Abraham Warren

Handcrafted by Abraham Warren

As you can see, Bonnie and Abe create what they call “refined rustic” wood pieces that can function as serving trays, coffee tables, benches, and coat racks. For our exhibit, they’ll also be bringing in a kitchen table and bench set as well as quilt racks. Oooh, quilt racks! (:

In our Craft a Handmade Home exhibit, you’ll also see how Bonnie and Abe’s pieces can be paired with textiles made by you to consciously create a meaningful home. Whether it’s by choosing quality fabrics and yarns to make things yourself, or by buying the work of local artists, we want you to end up with handmade pieces you absolutely love.

Pieces that make home feel, well, like home.



A Home Made Exhibit with Handcrafted by Abraham Warren
Sunday, August 4
10 AM – 5 PM
1761 N. Route 9 in Swainton, NJ

See you there!


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