Anchors Aweigh Napkins

July 11, 2013 Julie

Anchors Aweigh Napkins

We’ve got a fun new stitching kit for you! And, if you’ve never tried a cross stitch project before, the time to give it a whirl is NOW!

Why? Well, first off we’ve got this sweet Anchors Aweigh Napkins project all kitted up and ready for you. It’s got just about everything you’ll need to make two napkins including sailboat fabric in either red or blue, Essex cotton/linen fabric, water soluble cross stitching canvas, embroidery floss, and an embroidery needle. And, the pattern of course. In addition, you’ll need a sewing machine, pins, rotary cutter, ruler and cutting mat.

Secondly, we’re offering help to get you started with the cross stitching part on Wednesday, July 31 from 6 – 8PM. It’s complimentary with purchase of our Anchors Aweigh Napkins kit. But I have a hunch you may just want to make yourself a few more because they are so darn sweet! 

Can’t you just picture yourself, enjoying a little BBQ dinner in the backyard, maybe munching on some delicious Jersey corn on the cob, and having these beautiful napkins to wipe that butter off your face? Yes, these napkins ARE very pretty but the point is that you USE them and not just look at them. C’mon, that’s what a washing machine is for! ;)

You can find the Anchors Aweigh Napkins kit in the Home Made shop. That’s our brick and mortar shop, but if you don’t live nearby and would like us to mail you a kit just give a ring at 609.536.2940 and we’ll put together a mail order for you.

And, if you’d like to join the workshop, click here to read about it along with all our other classes, and then stop in to grab your kit and RSVP. You’re going to want to prewash your fabric beforehand, as Essex shrinks at a different rate than quilting cottons.

Anchors aweigh!




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