Briar Rose by Heather Ross

July 29, 2013 Julie

Heather Ross' Briar Rose Fabrics{Briar Rose by Heather Ross for Windham Fabrics : Pink Cricket Clover, Pink Calico, Green Strawberry, Lilac Hex Bee, Lilac Calico, Lilac Strawberry, Coral Nanny Bee, Green Nanny Bee, Lilac Frog Pond (not pictured, but arriving soon!)}

Briar Rose is our latest fabric addition to the shop — a Summer-inspired collection of quilting cottons from beloved designer Heather Ross. For Heather, Summers are about “falling asleep on porches under piles of quilts as the air turns chilly and the crickets begin to sing, and never ever brushing your hair (but maybe your teeth). And swimming. Lots and lots of swimming.”

Sure, this fabric collection would be perfect for stitching up a sweet new sundress or pjs for your bumpkin or making a cuddly quilt for your little one to remember Summer days all year. But, there’s also just somethin’ special about Briar Rose that makes adult-sized kids get all nostalgic about those carefree Summer days. Days that feel like forever ago. Days that were usually reserved for picking eating loads of strawberries, catching grasshoppers, watching the honey bees and maybe finding a frog. Ideally found chilling in a pond rather than floating in the swimming pool scimmer. . .

I’m sewing with a 12-year old this afternoon who’s decided to make herself a new halter top out of the Hex Bee print. And, with four Wiksten tanks already circulating in my own Summer wardrobe, I find myself contemplating making another. . .in Strawberry! 

What will you make with these sweet new fabrics???


Briar Rose fabrics are now available for purchase in the Home Made shop in 1/2 yard cuts. And, we’ve also got charm packs and fat quarter bundles on the way!


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