Sweetie Pumpkin Pie Hat

September 19, 2013 Julie

Sweetie Pumpkin Pie Hat

Pumpkin season is here! There are pumpkin lattes, pumpkin beer, and pumpkin bread everywhere and soon there will be trips to the pumpkin patch. So, how could I resist sharing a sweet pattern for a knit pumpkin hat? Omg, that they could wear TO the pumpkin patch! Stop. (:

Last year, I put together kits to make this hat in Spud & Chloe Sweater yarn. It’s still totally adorable and still totally makeable with yarn we have in the Home Made shop. Yes, I know I just made up a word in that last sentence. Spud & Chloe Sweater is a superwash worsted weight yarn that’ll feel great in your fingers as you knit this over a weekend or so.

But, if you crave those super-satisfying-because-they’re-super-quick knitting projects every once in a while, the Sweetie Pumpkin Pie Hat is just for you! You can find the pattern here or we’ll give you a free copy printed on card stock when you purchase the yarn for this project.

The Sweetie Pumpkin Pie Hat is knit with size US 13 needles and Spud & Chloe Outer yarn, which means big stitches and chunky yarn that you can turn into a hat in a jiffy. Like less than two hours. All Spud & Chloe yarns are super wash, so they’re really soft and ready to be thrown in the washer and dryer if need be, making them a great choice for kids’ knits.

So, come get your supplies to knit this for your little pumpkin and then grab yourself a pumpkin latte (and maybe a piece of pumpkin bread for sustenance) to settle in for a few hours with this fun project. Or you could grab a pumpkin beer if you’re feeling a little more daring. I’m sure you can handle it! (:


Spud & Chloe yarns, including Outer in Buoy and Peat colors, knitting needles, accessories and encouragement can be found right here at Home Made! If you don’t live nearby, just give us a ring and we’ll put together a mail order for you. Easy as pumpkin pie.


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