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October 05, 2013 Julie

heidiboyd-foxes{Frisky Foxes Whimsy Kit}

If you’ve stitched with felt, you hopefully already know how satisfying it is to work with. There’s no ironing. No sewing machines. No fraying edges to worry about. Just you, your embroidery needle, and some floss are all you need to work with that beautifully forgiving felt fabric.

Well, I just brought into the shop some fun new felt kits by Heidi Boyd called Whimsy Kits and Whimsy Stitches. These kits have just about everything you need to complete a little somethin’ to make you smile. One stitch at a time. ;)

heidiboyd-cakes{Take the Cakes! Whimsy Kit}

Each of Heidi Boyd’s kits contain clear instructions, full-sized templates, and quality felt which make her projects approachable and fun. Of course they’d be fun and approachable — she’s no amateur designer and kit maker! A few of Heidi’s designs are featured in the current issue of Stitch magazine and she’s authored fourteen books! There’s lots of felt fun in her book Stitched Whimsy.

Heidi Boyd Whimsy Kits{Hoot Whimsy Stitches Kit}

heidiboyd-matryoskyadoll{Nesting Matryoshka Dolls Whimsy Kit}

heidiboyd-mouseymush{Mousey Mushroom Whimsy Kit}

These kits make for super cute decorations or toys, but I’ve also thought about adding a ribbon to the top of the softies so they can be turned into tree ornaments. Yes? YES!

So, why not find yourself a crafternoon to make some yourself? Even get the kiddos involved! I had a solo crafternoon party yesterday to stitch up those “Frisky Foxes” you see at the top. While it was enjoyable enough to do on my own, these kits would be a great project to make while hanging out with your pals, too. Fun but not so complicated you can’t enjoy a cocktail! ;)

Heidi Boyd Whimsy Kits and Whimsy Stitches Kits are now available for purchase in the Home Made shop! If you don’t live nearby, just give a ring to 609.536.2940 and we’ll put together a mail order for ya.


{Top photo by Home Made. All other photos in this post are courtesy of Heidi Boyd.}


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