Home Made Thread Caddy

October 09, 2013 Julie

Home Made Thread Caddy{Home Made Thread Caddy}

Dad’s been busy.

My Dad, Joe, has made a bunch of thread caddies for the Home Made shop! I should also say that when Dad makes stuff, Mama Cindy is usually his very trusty assistant. 

Made of poplar with some industrial touches for holding your thimble and thread, these thread caddies are perfect for any hand stitching you’re doing because they hold everything you need for stitching the binding onto that quilt, hand quilting or dabbling in some hand appliqué.

Like with most of the projects around the Home Made house and shop, my parents and I have our own unique process for completing projects. Often, discussions about design happen over dinner, usually ending with sketches for my Dad to keep so he think it all over. Usually in his sleep over the next few weeks. After a bunch of brainstorming and tweaking of prototypes, we all agreed on the final design for the new Home Made Thread Caddy.

Home Made Thread Caddy

We kept it compact enough so it can sit sweetly on your table as you stitch. As you can see, this thread caddy has a magnet to hold your needles as well as a groove that conveniently holds your beeswax for strengthening and preventing knots in your thread.

Home Made Thread Caddy

Now, using this baby goes a little something like this:

Step 1: Grab your needle that’s hanging out on the magnet. Thread the needle while keeping the thread still attached to spool.

Step 2: Drag your thread through the beeswax until you have desired length.

Step 3: Take your scissors and snip.

Step 4: Make your knot and start stitching!

Home Made Thread Caddy

Just like knitting with a yarn bowl, stitching with a thread caddy can really make your sewing so much more enjoyable. It’s those little things that make a big difference.

Would you use one? Or would you grab one to give as a gift to your favorite quilter/stitcher?

Home Made Thread Caddies are now available for purchase in our brick and mortar shop or by calling 609.536.2940 to place a mail order.

*Please note that the scissors, beeswax, thread, thimble and needles are sold separately and are also available for purchase in the Home Made shop.


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