Have Your Halloween Soup + Craft for Christmas, Too

October 30, 2013 Julie

Winter Squash Soup

A few weeks ago, I painted some pumpkins. Well, and I knit one pumpkin a little sweater. Because it’s cute and a fun way to use up extra yarn. Painted and snuggly pumpkins aside, I’ve got no costume, no party plans, and I don’t expect any trick-or-treaters. Which is actually a good thing since it’s not very safe for the kiddos to be traipsing along the main drag that is Route 9 in the dark. The lack of trick-or-treaters also prevents me from buying lots of candy and then eating it all myself. I’m starting to feel like a real Halloween Grinch over here!

Sure, I enjoy seeing everyone dressed up in clever costumes. Of course, I like candy. Absolutely, I can get behind lots of fun Halloween crafts. But. . .

I’m distracted. I’ve got Christmas on my mind! A tree skirt in particular. So, what’s a gal to do???

Well, I decided that it’s not cheating on Halloween with Christmas if you make some sort orange, pumpkin-related food that can simmer on the stove while working on Christmas projects. Hence, the butternut squash and pumpkin for this soup. If that doesn’t scream ‘Happy Halloween’, I don’t know what does! ;)

Patchwork Triangles for Tree Skirt

Happy Holidays Tree Skirt

The Happy Holidays Tree Skirt and Table Topper by Atkinson Designs is to blame! Over the weekend, I used these holiday fabrics along with Robert Kaufman Essex in Flax to make the largest of the three available sizes from this pattern to create a very happy holiday tree skirt. For the backing (not shown), I chose the Christmas trees so this tree skirt is reversible. Ya know, in case I want to mix it up each year.

I LOVE how this project turning out. My quilt sandwich is all basted and patiently waiting for me to quilt it. Which I will get to once my orange soup is simmering. . .of course.

Perhaps the most delicious part of making this soup is that it lets me off the Halloween hook. There’s no way I can get to all the projects I’d like to make for each holiday and still sleep. And retain my sanity. For Halloween, I plan to have a yummy soup dinner and savor the head start on another holiday’s project.

What are you Halloween plans?


Want to make a tree skirt, too? Just grab your Happy Holidays Tree Skirt + Table Topper pattern, fabric, batting, basting pins, and 60 degree triangle ruler in the Home Made shop! 




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