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November 08, 2013 Julie

Home Made House Patio

Remember when I ripped up all the brick from the old patio this past Spring?

Well, the new patio is just about complete! {insert happy dance here}

Love ya, but a gal needs some privacy when she lives at/in her shop. Hence the cool fencing that Dad dreamed up. Then, last weekend, the very appreciated Home Made patio work crew (aka Dad, Mom + my sweetheart Brian) completed the second very important part of the patio project — the brick patio. They leveled the area and laid nearly 3,000 bricks atop sand atop crushed concrete create that gorgeous scene before you. I might’ve heard them say quite a few times that it was the MOST FUN they ever had. As I’m sure you can imagine. ;)

A few finished touches yet to do but let’s just say it’s finished anyway. I smile at it every day and celebrate the dramatically diminished amount of dirt that’s now tracked through my kitchen.



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