Friends Who Make (+ We’re CLOSED Thanksgiving!)

November 27, 2013 Julie

Friends Who Make

Thanksgiving is tomorrow! Did you know that we’ll be CLOSED Thanksgiving day? If you want to get the memos about Home Made news, just shoot an email to julie AT behomemade DOT com and tell me so. I’ll add you to our newsletter.

When you get into the muck of the day to day, it’s hard to think about all that’s going really well. Instead, you end up focusing on how your kitchen sink started to leak. Right after you discovered your toilet was also leaking. Right before you realized your shower water was trickling down into the ceiling below. Why do these things happen in three’s??? 

Sure, the aforementioned plumbing issues reminded me of the joys of being in an old house and how lucky I am to have super handy family to help me work it out.  Usually, it’s the holidays that remind me to take stock of the last year and face the reality that the majority of it wasn’t filled with leaky plumbing or other trying events. Because the last year was filled with really really great stuff. And, even the not-so-great stuff was made better by the people who helped me through.

Running a small shop like mine can feel pretty daunting at times when alternative shopping experiences offer Black Friday sale blitzes and 24 hour online accessibility with the click of a keyboard button. However, the thing about Home Made that’s different than Big Box Store X is that we have something much more personal and substantial than any sale could ever offer.

We have a community here. We’ve forged friendships in our classes. And, we’ve inspired each other to find pride and joy in the act of making (and maybe even try something new). This kind of community grows slowly and steadily only when you have the support and participation of terrific people like YOU to keep a small-but-mighty shop like Home Made going.

This Thanksgiving, I want to offer a heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who has shopped and/or taken a class at Home Made. It’s no exaggeration to say that you’re the reason we can keep on keepin’ on.

Friends Who Make


Friends Who Make

Speaking of our community of awesome folks, I thought I’d pay tribute to all who are part of it by sharing a few photos of the friends who have taken classes together at Home Made. Friends who make crafts together stay together. Isn’t that how the saying goes?  

Whether you’ve had a really really great year or a more trying one, I hope you get to celebrate this Thanksgiving with the people who helped you through it all. Because I bet they’re the ones that,  regardless of any wobbly seams or wonky stitches, will also tell you that your finished project is awesome simply because you made it yourself.

Happy Thanksgiving! xo


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